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We created most points, and those on the exact same-intercourse intimate choices and you may intimate cam associated with nonheterosexuals

We created most points, and those on the exact same-intercourse intimate choices and you may intimate cam associated with nonheterosexuals

Not all point that was taped try coded. Since our focus are into scripted coding, we omitted each day development broadcasts, games shows, recreations reveals and you can situations, and you may paid off programming, in addition to all of the forms of commercials or other promotions (elizabeth.grams., teasers having system shows). No matter if tunes films was in fact taped, they were coded and you can reviewed by themselves due to their novel services consequently they are not said here. The latest analyses displayed in this report, although not, perform are the nonmusic videos coding off wire tunes activity channels also speak suggests, variety/comedy shows, and you may reality suggests. In addition, implies that were partial as they already been prior to 3:00 p.yards. or ended immediately following p.meters. were not coded. In the end, event repeats were eliminated on decide to try.

The past decide to try on the 2001-2002 seasons consisted of step 1,276 book program episodes, whereas the very last shot with the 2002-2003 12 months incorporated 1,439 novel system episodes. The fresh new decide to try towards next content study are some larger than the first year’s sample as we generated a beneficial concerted efforts from inside the seasons 2 so we’d about three symptoms of each and every nonsyndicated collection. Despite rigid adherence to your sampling plan, more taping try expected whenever, particularly, the newest reveals registered brand new fall roster following start of the new season to substitute for cancelled suggests otherwise if go out and you may date position having a sequence was altered.


The newest codebook on big study was founded drastically to the variables created by Kunkel and you may acquaintances (1999, 2001, 2003) within stuff analyses held to the Kaiser Members of the family Basis. Compared with Kunkel and acquaintances, just who made use of the world since first tool of analysis, our content analyses inside coding getting intimate stuff in two-moment menstruation from system time. As views are different considerably long and, ergo, do not offer a stable unit off level in making evaluations across software, we made use of a simple coding equipment centered on day. Programming mass media coding inside the designated date periods has been utilized frequently because of the almost every other researchers performing content analyses across certain program types plus videos, detergent operas, and you may musical films (Hazan, Lipton, & Glantz, 1994; Lowery, 1980; Roberts, Christenson, Henriksen, & Bandy, 2002; Roberts, Henriksen, & Christenson, 1999; Sommers-Flanagan, Sommers-Flanagan, & Davis, 1993; Stockwell & Glantz, 1997; Terre, Drabman, & Speer, 1991).

To possess reason for the content studies, gender try identified as any portrayal regarding sexual intercourse, intimately effective conclusion, or one discuss sex otherwise intercourse. To be old-fashioned and steer clear of overcoding sexual posts, texts about gender was basically classified off nonsexual messages about love and dating, which have been perhaps not coded. Like, a statement such as “I enjoy my personal sweetheart” would not be coded whereas an announcement such as for example “We made desire my personal date” was coded.

Same-intercourse intimate choices

Most of the 2-minute period that were coded given that with at least one variety of intercourse tracked however programming activity-teasing, kissing, intimate pressing, sexual activity implied, sexual activity depicted, or other sexual decisions 2 -was also assessed on exposure off exact same-sex intimate choices. Because of it product, programmers utilized an indeed/no response style to point whether all intimate decisions illustrated regarding interval taken place ranging from a couple of the identical gender.

Mention nonheterosexual intimate facts

For each dos-second interval that had been coded once the which has had one illustration of cam in the sexual chat categories used in brand new main coding task (e.g., comments from the individual/others’ sexual strategies otherwise passion, mention sexual activity having already occurred, talk about sex crimes) has also been coded to have whether the intimate chat relevant to nonheterosexuals. Because of it item, coders once again put an indeed/no response format to suggest whether the sexual talk mirrored the sexual interests or questions out of nonheterosexual persons. Normally, such as for example comments about gays and you can lesbians, whether or not periodically they were of bisexuals.

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